Wir haben doch Dinge gesehen Die dürfen nicht untergehen Zwar wissen wir die kann uns keiner mehr nehmen Doch wer wird sich nach uns dazu bequemen So genau hinzusehen
Heinz Rudolf Kunze, "Wo warn wir stehngeblieben?", from the album "Halt", 2001
Privat Visit to Manchester
2014-10-23 bis 2014-10-25 in Manchester
Finally I had the time to visit Manchester. It's by far not as ugly as people say, and does not at all match the impression of a rotten ex-industrial metropole. Many former brick fabric buildings seem to be used as housings now. I'll remember Manchester as a cosy place, and of course I'll remember Alan Turing's statue and the "Alan Turing Walk" I attended to, which was leading to various places on the Manchester Campus and in the city.

Alan Turing and me in Sackville Gardens